Successful Projects

  • Durham-Zhuzhou Sister City Program

    We facilitated the development of the sister-city program between Durham, NC and Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. To participate and support this program, please contact Zhuzhou-Durham committee chair Mark Goodwillie:
    (919) 614-8909

  • Pinehurst-Zhijiang Sister City Program

    With the assistance from our sister city team, the Village of Pinehurst, NC and Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County, Hunan Province have established their sister city relationship. Program leader is Mrs. Virgina Fallon, Former Mayor of Pinehurst. Contact email:

  • North Carolina-Hunan Sister State Program

    After 5 years of promotion and hard work, the Carolina-China Council has successfully facilitated the establishment of a Sister State/Province relationship between North Carolina, USA and Hunan Province, China in October 2012. This effort began in April 2007 when former State Senator and CCC Chairman Harris Blake led a friendship delegation from North Carolina to Hunan to attend the ceremony for the dedication of the Lt. Hoyal Upchurch memorial. Lt. Upchurch was a Flying Tigers pilot born in North Carolina and died in Guidong Hunan Province during World War II. For more information about the sister state program, contact email:

  • Establishment of the "Bridge Scholarship"

    With generous support from businesses such as Lenovo and individuals such as former State Senator Harris Blake, we have established a "Bridge Scholarship" to support student and teacher exchanges between North Carolina and China. For more details about the Bridge Scholarship, contact

  • NC Chinese Cultural Center

    We reach out to the community by establishing the NC Chinese Cultural Center. The center draws a broad range of community cultural activities from dancing clubs to chorus groups and from reading clubs to art exhibitors. For more information, contact: Dr. Lian Xie at:

  • North Carolina Chinatown

    We work with our private and government partners in both China and North Carolina to promote foreign direct investments.  An example of the investment project facilitated by the Carolina China Council is the development of the NC Chinatown in Morrisville, NC. If you need assistance in investment projects in China or North Carolina, or learn more about the NC Chinatown, please contact: Mr. Teng Luo at:

  • International Training Program

    Partner with NC universities and businesses to provide professional training to Chinese government officials, businesses, and teachers. For more information contact: Dr. Lian Xie at

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